i'm in love with cities i've never been to and people i've never met. namely dylan o'brien. this blog is 99% teen wolf. NOT spoiler free.

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Just a reminder...


Howling for Hennig is not a character specific project, it is a Shelley Hennig specific project. The intent of it is to create a place of positivity, love, and support for both Shelley and her fans. That is and always will be our number one goal.

We sincerely appreciate all the support we’ve had…

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teen wolf meets cards against humanity

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Stiles and Derek looking at each other when they don’t have the time to
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Have you submitted anything for Howling for Hennig yet? If not, no better time than now! We’re looking for anything you want to give to Shelley - artwork, letters, edits, etc. Head to our FAQ for more details on the fanbook and to learn how you can participate!

friendly reminder that you still have time to submit to this shelley hennig fanbook!

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hi friendly reminder that if you watch and share this supposed leaked version of the maze runner you’re a piece of shit and ruining things for everyone

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What’s your favorite food?

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Derek/Braeden + looking at each other 

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Yeah. This is good

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Lydia in palette 32 for 

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